Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching up part 2: May 2012

I almost gave up keeping this blog updated. It's not really a blog anyway. I just use it as a place to log my workouts. I decided to keep it b/c the other site I log my food on has no search for past activities.

2012-May-14: KO kickboxing class

2012-May-13: 4.1 mile dog jog at town lake  data
     Saw friends a few times, was nice to see & talk to them, stopped a couple times to let dog drink
     overall pretty easy run. Felt good after.

2012-May-12: Garage WOD
     For time: 3 rounds 30 box jumps, 40 abmat situps, 50 squats

2012-May-11: Veloway laps w/Neil - data

2012-May-10: Xrays negative, still taking it easy, did easy yoga and walked dogs

2012-May-9: Shoulder rehab/rest - just walked the dog

2012-May-8: CC WOD
     3 rounds for time: 3 DL 315, 10Burpee, 20DU - DNF (shoulder issue) - just did DU work after 2rnds

2012-May-7: BJJ class

2012-May-6: Went diving, worked in the yard. 

2012-May-5 MTB ride at SCT - data

2012-May-4: Active recovery day. 90min yoga..yikes.

2012-May-3: CC WOD: 5x3 box squat; WOD was no go b/c we ran over so i missed most of it

2012-May-2: 5k dog jog at town lake (data) & BJJ class after work

2012-May-1:  CC WOD: CC Flyers: 14:54 (75lb ohs)
     Krav 2/3 and Yoga classes after work

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