Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching up part 1: April 2012

Bloody hell...

2012-April-30: Veloway bike ride - ride data & BJJ after work

2012-April-29: MTB ride at Walnut Creek - ride data

2012-April-28: Went diving and walked dogs

2012-April-27: Active rest day: yoga & dog walk

2012-April-26: Trail run, 5.23 miles at SCT - run data

2012-April-25; BJJ class

2012-April-24: TP class at CC; Krav L2/3 & Yoga after work

2012-April-23: Mobility class at CC; BJJ after work

2012-April-22: Nice dog walk, worked in the yard a lot (not fun)

2012-April-21:MTB ride at SCT (ride data) & dog walk

2012-April-20: Active rest day - nice walk with dogs

2012-April-19: CC WOD,
     Deadlift 5x2 & For time: 30 OH lunge 45#, 30 g to oh plate 45#
     Krav L2/3 & Yoga classes after work 

2012-April-18: Lunchtime run & BJJ class after work

2012-April-17: CC WOD,
     For time: 50kb clean, 25 c2b pullup, 50 kb snatch, 25 burpee 

2012-April-16: Lunchtime run & BJJ class after work

2012-April-15: Scuba diving & walked dog

2012-April-14: Yoga class & greenbelt hike 355min

2012-April-13:  Active rest day - yoga & quick dog walk

2012-April-12: CC WOD,
     3 rounds for time: 50 squats, 10 dual kb clean 24kg, 7hspu

2012-April-11: lunchtime run, BJJ class after work

2012-April-10: CC WOD,
     5 rounds for time: 15 Box Jumps | 12 Pullups | 9 KB Swings (1.5pood/ 1pood)

2012-April-9: 2.4mile jog & BJJ class

2012-April-8: Greenbelt hike; 305min

2012-April-7: MTB Ride - ride data

2012-April-6: Active rest day - yoga & quick WOD of situps & dbl unders

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