Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug 30 - Windjammer

After a good weekend of diving, cleaning more junk out of the garage, and some good times with friends,  I was not ready for Monday to be here already!

Headed to the Veloway for a lunchtime ride, and was curious to see how using clipless pedals and cycling shoes would affect the lap times. Getting ready I notice a pretty strong wind is blowing...oh goodie...once I get going I find that the wind is really going to make a huge difference, so just put my head down and went for it.  I do like using the clipless pedals and shoes, luckily I had them already!

Veloway 3 laps
tp and foam roll after

Ready for Crossfit Total tomorrow!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug 27 - Still feelin' the pistols

Yesterday's WOD is still being felt today, and made my lunch-time ride pretty painful! I've been rocking a good run of PRs on the veloway lately, but today wasn't in the cards. Legs were burning in the first lap. Good stuff.

3 lap time trial, 9.1 miles

Should be a really good weekend! UTB WOD, diving, etc.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug 26 - Pistol Whipped

Today's WOD looked bad on the board, and it was bad in real life.  Pistols really suck, mainly because I suck at them, and boy do I feel them in my legs and ass right now.

Crossfit Central WOD
box jump
kb clean & press, 24kg
DNF - 15min cutoff
Finished all but last round, using squat rack for assist/balance on pistols

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aug 24 - Turning up the heat

The intensity at Crossfit Central is as high as the temperature - over 100% lately, and wow...WODs have been brutal! They are definitely turning up the heat.

Ususal warmup, then Coach Zach threw an 800m run in for us.

Crossfit Central WOD
10 rounds for time
7 Kettlebell swing, 2 pood (~72lb)
5 burpees
11:26 Rx

Tabata pushups
8 rounds
crossfit games style -- chest to floor, raise hands off ground, immediately push back up.
lowest round = 5

 Triggerpoint & foam roller here I come!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23 - "Dude, you totally just crushed me!"

I feel fantastic today! I rocked another PR at the Veloway today: 3 laps (9.3mi) in 33:13 (pr by around 30 sec). On the last lap, I blasted by a guy on a road bike on the last hill, which I really love since I'm on a 9spd steel-framed mountain bike. When I can pass a spandex warrior on a carbon-fiber bike, it's a total WIN!

So I get to the parking lot and he rolls up and says "Dude, you totally just crushed me!"  He's a really nice guy, and I talked a bit with him about stuff like Crossfit. Coach Zach - you may get another client!

What a fantastic feeling!

3 lap time trial
33:13 (pr)

It feels freaking awesome to be back on track in so many areas! Diet, supplements,  clearing out "stuff" that just sits around and never used, etc.... look out!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug 19 - Hooray Strong People!

I think I have a new burpee - an exercise i love to hate - the toes to bar. Seems like it shouldn't be very tough, but man it's no joke! Today's WOD was brutal. A new guy in our class summed it up when he said "man, this sure isn't like on-ramp class!"  He didn't quit, but gathered himself up and drove on. This made me think about the kind of people that show up at Crossfit Central every day: STRONG people! How many of your friends have what it takes to consistantly take on the WODs in the heat, in the cold, in the rain, or any combination of those?

Crossfit Central WOD
45 toes to bar
30 db floor press, 50lb dumbells
50m walking lung, 50lb dumbells
30 renegade row, 50lb dumbells
45 toes to bar
I finished through 19 toes to bar when time ended, as RXd.

This WOD is a love/hate thing: I hate it because there are things I suck at, but I love it because I will get better at them by doing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 17 - Dang Muscleups

One of my goals for 2010 is to do ONE fking muscle-up! O N E!  Today's WOD was frustrating because I can't do them, which means no writing RX on the board. One will happen, then one will become two and so on.

Crossfit Central WOD
3 rounds
10 front squat, 135lb
5 muscle-ups (did jumping)
10 push-press, 135lb
11:40 NOT Rx

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 16 - My Hot Lunch & DK's Great Idea

Luckily, I had time to get away from work today to go hit the veloway for a quick lunch-time ride. It's hot as hell out, but you really don't notice it until you get done riding and start loading up the bike. WOW!

Veloway Lunch Crush Ride
3 laps for time
33:46 (pr)

Not bad, but I am still finding my rhythm on this. Need to remember gloves..simple but sweaty bars are slippery! I may put my clipless pedals on for next time to see if they make a difference.

DK has been posting on Facebook about how "stuff" is really good at taking over our lives. Looking around my house, especially the office and garage, I see a lot of "stuff" that I certainly don't need to hold on to any more. I have a goal to reduce the amount of "stuff" over the next week. eBay, Half Price Books, Goodwill, & Salvation Army - get ready!  Thanks a lot DK, I can't wait to see the difference... and the before & after photos!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Aug 13 - Lunchtime Crush

I have a new lunchtime crush -- the veloway. It's only two miles from home, so it's easy (if i can get away from work) to just head down there for a little fun in the blaring hot sun!

3 Laps for time, 9.3 miles

Not a bad lunch break. My bike needs some work, missing shifts is annoying.

Aug 12 - Oh man, what a WOD

This week at CrossFit Central, the WODs have been pretty freakin hard. Today was no exception.

Crossfit Central WOD
3 Rounds:
400m row
21 toe to bar
21 KB clean & press, 24kg
19:49 Rx

I've had a few "talks" with myself lately. I need to get my focus on things going on in my life back. I'd kinda lost my way over the summer, and it's nice to get things going in the right direction.

Aug 11 - Time Trial

Rode a time trial at the veloway today, which is 2 laps.  My bike is a 9spd mtn bike, and it's pretty heavy so for sure I could go faster on a road bike. It's all good though, pedaling at lunch is good stuff.

Two Lap Time Trial, 6.2 miles

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug 4-10 - crazy times!

What a busy time, lots of time on the road and 14hrs of work to do in a 8hr day!

8/10 - Crossfit Central WOD
Squat clean 135
Ring Dips
11:16 Rx

8/9 - Easy day
9mi bike, moderate 14mph pace
100 double unders - sucks

8/8 - Diving
Did lots of dives today, humped big steel doubles, stage bottles, etc.

8/6 & 8/7 - Wreck diving in the Gulf. Three dives -- two on the Texas Clipper and one on a rig. Camping on the beach was miserable....

8/5 - Crossfit Central WOD
3 rounds for time:
45 lunges, 30 pushups, 15 burpees

8/4 - Rest day