Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug 19 - Hooray Strong People!

I think I have a new burpee - an exercise i love to hate - the toes to bar. Seems like it shouldn't be very tough, but man it's no joke! Today's WOD was brutal. A new guy in our class summed it up when he said "man, this sure isn't like on-ramp class!"  He didn't quit, but gathered himself up and drove on. This made me think about the kind of people that show up at Crossfit Central every day: STRONG people! How many of your friends have what it takes to consistantly take on the WODs in the heat, in the cold, in the rain, or any combination of those?

Crossfit Central WOD
45 toes to bar
30 db floor press, 50lb dumbells
50m walking lung, 50lb dumbells
30 renegade row, 50lb dumbells
45 toes to bar
I finished through 19 toes to bar when time ended, as RXd.

This WOD is a love/hate thing: I hate it because there are things I suck at, but I love it because I will get better at them by doing.

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