Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 16 - My Hot Lunch & DK's Great Idea

Luckily, I had time to get away from work today to go hit the veloway for a quick lunch-time ride. It's hot as hell out, but you really don't notice it until you get done riding and start loading up the bike. WOW!

Veloway Lunch Crush Ride
3 laps for time
33:46 (pr)

Not bad, but I am still finding my rhythm on this. Need to remember gloves..simple but sweaty bars are slippery! I may put my clipless pedals on for next time to see if they make a difference.

DK has been posting on Facebook about how "stuff" is really good at taking over our lives. Looking around my house, especially the office and garage, I see a lot of "stuff" that I certainly don't need to hold on to any more. I have a goal to reduce the amount of "stuff" over the next week. eBay, Half Price Books, Goodwill, & Salvation Army - get ready!  Thanks a lot DK, I can't wait to see the difference... and the before & after photos!

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