Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23 - "Dude, you totally just crushed me!"

I feel fantastic today! I rocked another PR at the Veloway today: 3 laps (9.3mi) in 33:13 (pr by around 30 sec). On the last lap, I blasted by a guy on a road bike on the last hill, which I really love since I'm on a 9spd steel-framed mountain bike. When I can pass a spandex warrior on a carbon-fiber bike, it's a total WIN!

So I get to the parking lot and he rolls up and says "Dude, you totally just crushed me!"  He's a really nice guy, and I talked a bit with him about stuff like Crossfit. Coach Zach - you may get another client!

What a fantastic feeling!

3 lap time trial
33:13 (pr)

It feels freaking awesome to be back on track in so many areas! Diet, supplements,  clearing out "stuff" that just sits around and never used, etc.... look out!

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