Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sparring is fun!!

Level Test Survivors!
My last blog post I talked about the Krav Maga level test I had taken, and since then I've found out I passed the test. I was pretty confident that I had passed, but you know how that goes - you don't know for sure until you know.

So this week I went to my first L2 class, equipped with my new shin guards and 16oz gloves wondering how often they would be used. Right damn now was the answer. We warmed up by sparring about 30-40% behind the punches and kicks, did some other calisthenics, stretched, then sparred and practiced lots of defenses that I had never done before. It was great! At the end, we sparred with different people. You quickly realize the speed/quickness difference between a small young guy and a big older guy. I got caught in the nose a couple times, but delivered some good shots of my own, including a couple really nice leg kicks. The adrenaline rush of this last little bit was definitely noticeable! I can't wait for the next class.

It's been a long week, but not in a bad way! Lots going on, so this blog which is really just my workout log hasn't been updated in a long ass time. So, to keep it short and simple and allow me to get back to work, that's it...I'll leave you with this link:

30 things to stop doing to yourself

Lift Heavy Shit & Work Double-Unders

Deadlift 5x5 -
Shoulder Press 5x5 -
Front Squat 5x5 (from ground - no racks) -

Double Unders: 200

Krav L1 and Krav L2 classes
First night in L2, which was really fun. We basically sparred the whole time! FUN!

Run 5k
Forgot my dang GPS/HR/Stop watch! Ugh! :)

Dog walk & went scuba diving

Kickboxing class


5x2 Sumo Deadlift
135, 225, 275, 275, 315x
 For Time:
Games Standard Box Jump
10min cutoff, finished through 6

Krav L1 and Kickboxing classes

Crossfit Central WOD

Double-Unders, AbMat SitUps
13:46 Rx

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Totally Wiped Out

This past weekend was one of the most taxing to me physically and mentally since I was in the Army. Saturday morning at 930 we started a level (belt) test in Krav Maga. I had heard it was going to be a long day with a seminar then a short lunch then the test - this is common info, after all. So in my head, I expected one thing and got a lot more than I expected.  The seminar went until just after 230pm, and all was going great. I was tired but focused on the task at hand. About five minutes out from our time to get going again, I was finishing up some light stretching and was headed to the restroom when the first hamstring cramp hit. I had already gone through a gallon of water and a full 64oz Gatorade at this point, and could hardly hold down any more fluids! I knew it was going to be a long day at that point. I won't go through the test too much except to say that both hamstrings were cramping for the first two hours then my abs were cramping at the end along with them. I tried hard to drink as much as I could hold down (full on physical exertion with stomach full of fluid is no joke), but maybe it was too late for that to really matter. To say the cramping was a detriment to the test would be a massive understatement. I was most disappointed in how much trying to prevent cramping took my mind off the tasks at hand. I don't yet know if I passed or not. I do know that regardless of the outcome I did not quit.

Sunday I was pretty damn sore from head to toe. I did a little shopping, a ton of hydrating, and by afternoon I was feeling a good bit better. I figured that a nice easy jog at Town Lake would be good to loosen up my legs and my dog would enjoy it too so we headed to the Hike & Bike trail and did a nice easy 5k jog.

Monday morning...holy shit! I am not sure running Sunday was such a great idea. I felt like I imagine a 80yr old feels. Could barely move around from sore, tight, and generally unhappy everything! I had planned to go to Krav Maga class, but I decided to do 30min of restorative yoga and take the dog for an hour or so long walk.

Restorative Yoga, 30min
Dog walk, 59min

5k easy pace jog at hike & bike

KM Level Seminar & Test
496min, 5232cal

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My old dog

Dec 7th my dog celebrated her 11th birthday. It's been a hell of a journey from finding a pup on the side of the road with some lady who couldn't keep her to today, over a decade later. It's pretty hard to see her starting to slow a little bit, you know? We used to go running and she would try to pull me the whole time, and now she is the one dragging behind. She doesn't really like to play much anymore, either. She won't fetch anything that isn't edible. She's more tolerant of foster dogs, but still wont be pushed around. I can only hope she has a few years left to track mud through my house, bark at nothing, and snore next to my bed at night.

If we, as humans, could have one goal maybe it should be something as simple as being as good as your dog thinks you are.

Crossfit Central WOD
5x5 floor press
135, 185, 205, 225, 245 (had help on 5th rep @ 245)

Tabata 8 rounds:
medball clean 20lb
ring rows
Low rounds: 6 & 6

Krav Maga class - last class I can make before level test this coming weekend.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As bad as we needed the rain, I have to be honest: It's nice to see the sun out! I wouldn't mind a bit more heat to go with it...the older I get the more I hate the cold :)) I would like the trails to dry out around town so we can get some MTB riding in, too...

All day web conference each day this week. It SUCKS. I am glad I made it to CC before work and got some work done first! It was a nice brisk morning at CC today, and the workout was a good one.

3 rounds
500m row
100m 24/16 kg kb hi/lo carry
5 front squat, 155
14:53 RX

Krav Maga Class
KO Kickboxing

Old Dog Jog - ran the circle c park trail with my old dog.