Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching up part 2: May 2012

I almost gave up keeping this blog updated. It's not really a blog anyway. I just use it as a place to log my workouts. I decided to keep it b/c the other site I log my food on has no search for past activities.

2012-May-14: KO kickboxing class

2012-May-13: 4.1 mile dog jog at town lake  data
     Saw friends a few times, was nice to see & talk to them, stopped a couple times to let dog drink
     overall pretty easy run. Felt good after.

2012-May-12: Garage WOD
     For time: 3 rounds 30 box jumps, 40 abmat situps, 50 squats

2012-May-11: Veloway laps w/Neil - data

2012-May-10: Xrays negative, still taking it easy, did easy yoga and walked dogs

2012-May-9: Shoulder rehab/rest - just walked the dog

2012-May-8: CC WOD
     3 rounds for time: 3 DL 315, 10Burpee, 20DU - DNF (shoulder issue) - just did DU work after 2rnds

2012-May-7: BJJ class

2012-May-6: Went diving, worked in the yard. 

2012-May-5 MTB ride at SCT - data

2012-May-4: Active recovery day. 90min yoga..yikes.

2012-May-3: CC WOD: 5x3 box squat; WOD was no go b/c we ran over so i missed most of it

2012-May-2: 5k dog jog at town lake (data) & BJJ class after work

2012-May-1:  CC WOD: CC Flyers: 14:54 (75lb ohs)
     Krav 2/3 and Yoga classes after work

Catching up part 1: April 2012

Bloody hell...

2012-April-30: Veloway bike ride - ride data & BJJ after work

2012-April-29: MTB ride at Walnut Creek - ride data

2012-April-28: Went diving and walked dogs

2012-April-27: Active rest day: yoga & dog walk

2012-April-26: Trail run, 5.23 miles at SCT - run data

2012-April-25; BJJ class

2012-April-24: TP class at CC; Krav L2/3 & Yoga after work

2012-April-23: Mobility class at CC; BJJ after work

2012-April-22: Nice dog walk, worked in the yard a lot (not fun)

2012-April-21:MTB ride at SCT (ride data) & dog walk

2012-April-20: Active rest day - nice walk with dogs

2012-April-19: CC WOD,
     Deadlift 5x2 & For time: 30 OH lunge 45#, 30 g to oh plate 45#
     Krav L2/3 & Yoga classes after work 

2012-April-18: Lunchtime run & BJJ class after work

2012-April-17: CC WOD,
     For time: 50kb clean, 25 c2b pullup, 50 kb snatch, 25 burpee 

2012-April-16: Lunchtime run & BJJ class after work

2012-April-15: Scuba diving & walked dog

2012-April-14: Yoga class & greenbelt hike 355min

2012-April-13:  Active rest day - yoga & quick dog walk

2012-April-12: CC WOD,
     3 rounds for time: 50 squats, 10 dual kb clean 24kg, 7hspu

2012-April-11: lunchtime run, BJJ class after work

2012-April-10: CC WOD,
     5 rounds for time: 15 Box Jumps | 12 Pullups | 9 KB Swings (1.5pood/ 1pood)

2012-April-9: 2.4mile jog & BJJ class

2012-April-8: Greenbelt hike; 305min

2012-April-7: MTB Ride - ride data

2012-April-6: Active rest day - yoga & quick WOD of situps & dbl unders

Friday, April 6, 2012

Double Unders

AARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hate hate hate double unders. I hate them because I suck at them. They whip my legs, back, and sometimes my face with no mercy. They are a constant, often quite literal, pain in my ass. This is why in April 2012, along with a buddy at Central, I have started a serious effort to overcome this demon that haunts me when I see it on the whiteboard at Crossfit Central.

Crossfit Central WOD
3 rounds: 2-3-4 press, pp, pj   @ 95, 105, 115

15-10-5 - Front Squat 155#
5-10-15 - HSPU
9:36 Rx - although a few of the HSPU were iffy to be "no reps" :))

Later: 50 double unders & dog walk

Krav L2 class
50 dbl unders & walked dogs after

Crossfit Central WOD

Benchmark (retest in 6 weeks)
3 rounds:
10 Deadlifts (315/225)
50 Double Unders
Finished 2 rounds RX

Krav L2 class, walked dogs after

Mountain bike ride at Pace Bend. It was a crusher!

Friday, March 30, 2012

April 24-day Challenge

A buddy of mine and I are doing a 24 day challenge starting April 1st. We will eat clean, work out at least 30min a day, and log it all. What can we do in 24 days? We'll see...what can you do?

5k jog with dogs...not so fun to run two big dogs. One at a time from now on.

Crossfit Central WOD
5x3 Front squat
135, 155, 185, 225 (out of time)

For time:
21 burpee to DB snatch 45lb right
21 ring dips
21 burpee to DB snatch 45lb left
21 ring dips
8:53 RX

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Handstand pushups have been one of those movements that I really struggle with. Yesterday I was able to knock out 5 unbroken, twice, and I think I have the whole upside-down thing 1-2% better... so anyway, 5 is a PR and a pretty f-king awesome feeling. Anyway, on with the WOD Log...gotta get to a meeting :)

Krav 1 and 2 classes, 60min each. Lots of ground fighting! Really fun. Really really tiring!

Crossfit Central WOD
"Mary" - 20min AMRAP
10 Pistols
15 Pullups
4 rounds + 2 pistols (had to use squat rack for balance on pistols, the rest RX)

Monday, March 26, 2012

My games are done.

The 2012 Crossfit Games Open is in the books. I had no idea where I would place, or even if I could finish all the workouts as RX when we got started. I am happy that I was able to get points in each workout, but have a long list of improvements to work on before 2013. I went into this as a participant, not a competitor and I am OK with that. I am a realist and know where my current limitations are. I will work on them for the next year and see how much better I can do. I didn't come close to making it to the regional competition, I probably wont make it next year either. I will be closer than this year, though...that is the goal.

Krav 1 and 2 classes, 60min each.

MTB ride at Walnut Creek. My seat broke, so I got a whopping 2 miles in. Epic. Spent rest of the day working in the yard. Good times.

Ran 5k at hike & bike trail. Forgot my Garmin, no data... was about 30min or so.

Crazy sore again! Did yoga, walked dogs, called it a day!

Crossfit Central WOD
2012 Crossfit Games Open WOD 12.5

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
3 Barbell Thrusters, 3 Chest to bar Pull-ups
6 Barbell Thrusters, 6 Chest to bar Pull-ups
9 Barbell Thrusters, 9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
12/12...15/15...etc until you run out of time
Score 54 reps RX

Veloway Ride
4 laps.  Ride data

2.5 mile run
Run Data

Crossfit Central WOD
3 rounds
500m row
21 sq cl to thruster 45lb lb DBs
19:40 Rx

Still recovering from crazy 12.4 leg sore..walked dogs for about an hour, TP, stretching, etc.

Active rest day, yoga & dog walk

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wow...Games WOD 12.4

Well, the 2012 CrossFit Games 12.4 WOD, for me anyway, is in the books. It was a miserable 12 minutes, to be honest. The last time I did "Karen" I finished in around 8min, so I was thinking that I should be able to finish about that same time or so then try to get through as many of the double unders as I could. What happened was the wall ball took longer than I had planned and the double unders after them where ridiculous. I strung two together one time, the rest were either singles or misses. Totally wiped out, and a bit dejected, was how I felt when time was called. I thought I could get 200+ reps and ended up well short of that.

Crossfit Central WOD - 2012 Crossfit Games Open WOD 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
Score: 159 Rx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I really don't get all the whining and complaining about DST. I love DST! I wish we had it all year, too!  I love getting done with work and having a few hours of light left to do stuff outside. It'll be great to be able to get in a couple rides a week on my mountain bike. Fortunately there are a couple nice trails within 20min drive from my house.

I can't wait to see what the 2012 CrossFit Games 12.4 WOD is! Thusfar the experience has been really fun! The workouts have not been anything I really excel at, which is pretty much what I expected. Maybe I'll get lucky one of the last two weeks, but probably not.

Krav Maga L1 and L2 classes, 60min each.

Crossfit Central WOD
8min AMRAP
10 L & 10 R - DB strict press, 35#
25 squat jumps, 20 situps
3 rounds - was a warmup wod, coach said dont go all out!

15min AMRAP
3 DL 275#
6 pullups
9 pushups
8rounds RX

Krav Maga L1 and L2 classes, 60min each.

Veloway, 3 laps. Passed 15 roadies, not passed by anyone! Love it.
Ride data

Pouring rain! Did skill work in garage:
double unders
over head squat
nothing timed, worked for about an hour

15 min AMRAP
10 pushups, 10 double under, 10 situps, 10 kb swing 44lb
walked the dogs

Friday, March 9, 2012


Games WOD 12.3 was, at least for me, not a great result. It was much harder than I expected, mainly the toes to bar, which really kicked my ass. I was able to get one round of them unbroken, at least, which was a pretty cool thing since I think my previous best was like 4 or 5? The videos from Again Faster were very helpful, but I still need to work on that movement a lot. My core is sore today, thats for sure!

Crossfit Central WOD - Games 12.3
AMRAP 18min

15 Box jumps (M 24" box / F 20" box)
12 Push press (M 115 lb / F 75 lb)
9 Toes-to-bar
4 full rounds + box jumps and push press = 171

Active rest day: did yoga and walked the dogs then hit the foam roller and tp kit

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Racing is back

The weather allowed the Dirt Derby races to happen last night. We had a different and much easier track this time, as the property has moved the motocross track closer to the road. A flat, twisty, slippery hard-pack with some loose sections hidden here and there along with a very stiff wind in our faces at times was still a good challenge and resulted in some good racing, at least in the middle of the pack where I was! I got a much better start than my first race and made a few passes straight away. I was making ground on some guys in front of me when someone fell right in front of me and I had to stop to avoid him and the people next to me. I ended up getting a couple of them back later in the race by using better lines and upshifting when the wind was at my back - use that wind when you can! While we need the rain, I hope it holds out for next week so we can race!

Crossfit Central WOD
CFT Finish DL:  365, 405x, 405x
I got 365 up, which I missed last time. Still not happy with that.

Dirt Derby Mountain Bike Race (20min, 5 laps)
Finished 9th out of 15 in my race. No crashes!
Strava - Race Data

Krav 1 and 2 classes, 60min each
Lots of sparring and sprawls!

Monday, March 5, 2012

What a weekend!

It was so nice out, and we spent most of the weekend outside enjoying it. I sure don't want to spend the day in the office, but I have a lot of work to do. Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow so the Dirt Derby mountain bike race happens!

Exploration Dives at Reveille Peak Ranch
Planned to do a dive to 185' technical dive in order to explore the graphite quarry bottom. Got all backgas and deco gasses ready and did about 400-500m surface swim, then headed down only to find a silt bottom at 65' - what a let down!  Conditions deeper than 40' are not very good. Surface swim to another part of quarry and dropped down again to find the bottom at 95' which was better. The "deep" still eludes us....

Brodie Park Crossfit Free Workout
Run 400
25 Games Standard Pushups, 25 Squats
Run 400
25 Burpees, 25 Box Jumps
Run 400
25 SDHP 40lb DB, 25 Thruster 40lb DB
Run 400
25 Wall Ball, 20lb ball, 25 Ball Slam, 20lb ball
14:20 Rx

Hike with the dogs around the lake
4.11 miles

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Crossfit Games Week 2

I know that there is only a slim chance (like snowball's chance in hell) that I will make it to the regional competition unless the stars align and all the remaining workouts are stuff I am really good at. Maybe max 1 rep shoulder press for three weeks in a row! Yeah, that's the ticket.... but come on, that's not likely, right? Anyway, so far the Open has been a lot of fun so far and I have no regrets for entering.

The last week has gone by so fast! Even with a day or so being a bit sick, I still had a pretty good week of work. I can't wait to see what the 12.3 WOD will be.

Crossfit Central WOD
Games 12.2
Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

This workout begins from the standing position. The athlete will complete all reps at the first weight before advancing to the next weight. Score is total reps completed in 10min.

Score:  46

This is less reps than I expected, but I have never snatched that much weight once much less for reps. I like snatching. Need to do more of it.

After work:
Yoga for Athletes - Zen session!

Krav Maga classes, level 1 and 2

Crossfit Central WOD
CFT part 1
Back squat - 335 (miss 365)
Shoulder Press - 205

Krav Maga classes, level 1 and 2

Was under the weather when I woke up, so I took it easy. Did a Yoga session later in the day and walked with the dogs for a bit. Took a few naps along the way.

Went hiking for a few hrs on green belt. I need to get a good backpack to carry more load on hikes. Almost like old ruck marches except for fun. Hmm.

Restorative Yoga & walked the rest day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Games 2012...It is time.

To be honest, I never thought I would sign up for the Crossfit Games. Mainly this is because I know there are some huge holes in my game which I know without a doubt will be exposed, probably in the first workout. I have never done a legit muscle up, for example. So why bother, you may ask, right? Part of the reason is that we will be doing the workouts at Crossfit Central anyway. The other  reason is simply to know where I stand at the end of the open. The workouts will be brutally hard and will expose every weakness we as competitors in the games have. Keeping it real, I don't expect that I will end up on TV this summer, but by the time I turn 45.... enough we go!

Crossfit Central WOD
Games 12.1
7 Min AMRAP of Burpees
Score: 64

My strategy bit me a little. I was going too slow trying to keep a pace and ran out of time with gas in the tank. To be fair it wasn't a lot of gas, but I had a good 10-15 more in me. Sucks.

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Crossfit Central WOD, retest benchmark from 6 weeks ago

500m Row, 25 Ring Rows, 5 Deadlifts 315#
400m Row, 20 Ring Rows, 4 Deadlifts 315#
300m Row, 15 Ring Rows, 3 Deadlifts 315#
200m Row, 10 Ring Rows, 2 Deadlifts 315#
100m Row, 5 Ring Rows, 1 Deadlifts 315#
17:20RX - and CC Podium!!  Did not finish last time.

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Hike w/dogs for just over an hour, then fun yard work

Brodie Park Crossfit Free Saturday WOD 
Teams of two:
100 pullups
100 jumping squats
100 pushups
100 ball slams
100 lunges
100 jumping jacks
100 kb swing (Russian 24kg)
100 situps
100 push press 45#
100 dead lift 45#
18:40 (me RX, partner jumping pullups & women's bar for DL & PP)

Active rest day - Restorative Yoga & walked the dogs

Crossfit Central WOD

3 rounds for time  - 55# DB
5 Pull Ups
5 DB TGU (L)
5 DB Power Snatch (R)
5 DB TGU (R)
5 DB Power Snatch (L)
2 rounds RX, DNF

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes


Crossfit Central WOD
3 rounds for time:
800m Run
15 Clean & Jerk
1 + 4 CJ Rx

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Monday, February 13, 2012

Is it June yet?

I am so ready to go on vacation! I'm ready for sun, sand, scuba diving in clear and warm water, and no conference calls! While vacation is 4 months away, that time will probably go by pretty fast!

I sometimes get the feeling that I am running myself a bit ragged, which is why the time is going by so fast! This is a good thing, really, because I feel fortunate that I am able to go to Crossfit, Krav Maga, and all the other stuff I do every week! I last went to a globo gym a few months back and I felt really out of sorts. With its forest of machines and walls of mirrors mixed with people reading books and magazines while pedaling or walking on the treadmills, I just felt lost. What could I really do there? I don't do curls or leg extensions. This isn't meant to be judgmental against this gym or the people there, but sometimes when it's raining on a Saturday this is where I end up. Lost in a sea of machines. At least they have a couple Concept2 rowers that usually work.

Speaking of those check this link out: Fix your rowing

Went hiking, worked in the yard some more..not a hard day, but it was pretty busy and kinda cold out.

Went diving at Lake Travis for a few hours. It was freakin' cold in the morning!

Active Rest Friday - some light yoga & walked with the dogs

Crossfit Central WOD

A) 5x5 Floor Press

B) 3 rounds for time:
Ab Mat Sit Ups 50, 50, 50
Wall Walks 5, 4, 3
Double Unders 50, 50, 50

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Crossfit Central WOD

New Benchmark – Retest in 6 weeks
3 rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Thrusters 135#
21 Pull Ups
DNF RX, 2+11 Thrusters in 20min cutoff

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Wasn't feeling well. Didn't do much besides lay up and sleep...not fun.

Went hiking, worked in the yard...not a hard day, but it was pretty busy

Active Rest Friday - some light yoga & walked with the dogs

Friday, February 3, 2012

Where is winter?

I can only recall one day where it was below 32, but maybe I don't remember them all. Anyway, the other day it was 83 degrees. In January! Unreal. A couple years ago we did a WOD at Crossfit Central for the I Am Crossfit challenge in a crazy 17 degrees.

Thankfully we're getting some rain. The weeds in my yard are thriving. I have a fun weekend of working on my yard ahead. I am super pumped about that...yeah, sure :)

Crossfit Central WOD
5x3 backsquat - 225
3 rounds
10 hang power clean 155
7:57 - head on abmat is only not RX

Krav 1 and 2 classes
CC Benchmark: CC Flyers
2+ 2oh, need to work OHS for sure. Ridiculous

Krav 1 and 2 classes

Hiked BC Green Belt, 144min

Brodie Park Crossfit Free Saturday WOD
Run 200
50 Ring Dips
Run 200
50 OHS (PVC)
Run 200
50 Lunges
Run 200
50 Pushup (games)
20 Burpees
13:28 RX

Active rest day, did restorative yoga and took dogs for a walk

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain and Dogs

Lots of rain this week = awesome
Dogs scared of thunder = not awesome

I don't think I've yet recovered from no sleep. Once you get used to solid 8hrs plus every night, it's rough to go on only a couple.

Do you have inflammation? Check this out - Mark's Daily Apple: Top Six foods to help reduce it.


Crossfit Central WOD
Deadlift 5x5
225, 225, 275, 275, 285

Squat Clean 155
Shuttle Run
11:16 Rx

Krav Level 2 Class

Cleared stack of 8 kickshields with dive & forward roll! BOOM :)

Crossfit Central WOD
9:14 RX PR

Krav 1 and Krav 2 classes

MTB Ride - Mary Moore Searight Park
Ride Data

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Neighbors

I went this morning and met my new neighbors at Brodie Park Crossfit. They are putting on free Saturday workouts every weekend, which is really great. It's fantastic to be able to drive less than 3 miles round trip, too!

I had no idea how many people would be there today, and to be honest I was surprised at how many people showed up. It's a nice big space and the workout they had was a good one. I am pretty sure everyone had a fun time.

I am looking forward to a great mountain bike ride tomorrow followed by some NFL playoffs on the DVR when I get home.

BPC Free Saturday WOD
5 rounds
10 pullups
10 ring knee to elbow
10 box jump
10 wall ball to pushup
100ft farmer's carry (1.5pd each arm)
16:50 Rx - 2nd fastest today, no free t-shirt for me. It pays to be a winner.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A long week

This week has been pretty long for me, as I've been in a training class all day every day. Death by PowerPoint is pretty much accurate. I have been tempted to make more than one cup of coffee every day, but haven't!

Interesting article about coffee - Obsessed: Coffee

I had a good time with the 615am class on TU & TH this week. I could get used to getting up early again I think. Looking forward to the weekend, it looks like I'm going diving on Saturday and for a mountain bike ride Sunday. Should be another fun weekend that will go by way too fast.

KO kickboxing (45min)
Krav Maga L2 (60min)

Crossfit Central WOD

A) Power Cleans 5x7 No Drop
135, 135, 135, 155, 185x (did 5 last round @ 185)

B) 5 rounds for time:
9 Burpee Pull Ups
15 GHD Sit Ups
9:18 Rx

Veloway endurance ride
7 laps, 21.2 miles. A PR on fastest single lap, too!
Ride Data

Active Rest Day
Dog walk 30min, light yoga/stretching

Crossfit Central WOD

AMRAP in 10 mins:
5 Muscle Ups
10 OH Squats
4 rnds, jumping MU, OHS scaled to 95

Monday, January 16, 2012


A day of diving on Saturday and a great mountain bike ride on Sunday and I have no complaints, except that time went too fast. I felt like I rode a lot better on Sunday, and though the trail was easier than some of the others, it felt good to go faster. We ran into a few other people we know from diving out on the trail, and promptly dropped them so that was a good feeling too. Also, my 5k run on Friday was under 30min and I didn't really even try that hard...time to try to set a PR on that (and remember my stupid Garmin HR/GPS to log it)!

Krav L1 & Krav L2 classes

MTB ride at Slaughter Creek
20 miles - Ride Data

Scuba diving & walked the dogs for just over an hour

5k jog: 28:29

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Know when to fold 'em.

The deadlifts a couple days ago were a mofo. It left me wiped out and a sore lower back on top of it. That tells me my form and technique went as I fatigued. I took the 11th pretty much off, skipping my normal Krav Maga classes and doing some yoga, foam rolling, and so on.  Today my back still is kinda sore, so I rolled this moring and before class. Luckily today's wod went pretty ok and my back feels a little better than yesterday. I didn't want to, but I am glad I took the day to recover a bit yesterday.

Crossfit Central WOD
a) 5 rounds
4 shoulder press, 3 push press, 2 push jerk @ 155
not timed, did it RX and it was no joke!

b) tabata squat & pushups
sq 11, pu 8 (did games standard)

Restorative Yoga, stretching, foam rolling, TP - ugh...sore back SUCKS!

Crossfit Central WOD

5 rounds
500/400/300/200/100 - row (meters)
25/20/15/10/5 - Ring row
5/4/3/2/1 - Deadlift 315#
DNF - couldn't get the last deadlift RX

Monday, January 9, 2012

Endurance Nutrition?

I don't really know a lot about endurance athletics, mainly because when I was in the Army we didn't care (nutrition was beer and whatever we felt like eating) and until recently I didn't do much endurance activities at all. Since getting back on a mountain bike, I have been thinking about endurance nutrition a lot more. Specifically what to eat during the event and for breakfast before the event.

Sunday's ride was really long and burned over 2500 calories. I had a couple protein bars and some mixed unsalted nuts with me along with 100oz of water in my camelback. I felt pretty ok for the most part, but towards the end I was deep in the pain cave and started to lose focus, next thing I knew I was out of water. Fortunately I was very close to the trail head and parking lot where my truck was parked and the water I had fortunately assumed I would want or need after the ride.

Right now I am not sure what to eat before & during rides like this for optimal performance, so I will do some research and reach out to some people that will know the answers.

Two KM classes: Level 1 then Level 2. 60min each.

MTB ride at Rocky Hill Ranch:
221min, 2596cal
Ride Data

Easy WOD - 4 rounds:
Run 400
40 abmat situps
then 100 double unders

Took dogs for a walk after

Friday, January 6, 2012

A rather rude welcome back.

I knew that a benchmark right after the holidays would not really be a good experience. I expected to be sore after. When I saw it was "Cindy," my expectations were confirmed. Most of us are pretty sore from that WOD when we've been going for weeks, after all. It's now three days since that workout and I am still a little sore.

I am looking forward to an epic 25+ mile mountain bike ride this Sunday at Rocky Hill Ranch. I will be sore again for sure after that!

Hydration + Nutrition

MTB Mary Moore Searight Park
xx min - ride data (update to follow)

Crossfit Central WOD
5x3 front squat: 135, 185, 195, 205, 205

Team of three, 12min cutoff
2k Row, 100 thruster dual 1pd kb, 100 burpee
We finished all but 2 thrusters RX

Holy sore as shit! Did restorative yoga and went for a walk with the dogs

Crossfit Central Benchmark WOD
12 rounds + 2 pushups RX

MTB Mary Moore Searite Park
51min - ride data

Monday, January 2, 2012

No resolutions

I am not someone that sets all these weird resolutions. I tend to think that doing so is a recipe for failure because they are just talk with no plan to make them happen a lot of the time. I already have goals for 2012 and plans and actions to make them happen. Why put more crap in the blender?

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy, as they often are with the holidays. Lots of driving and even more terrible foods everywhere you look, right?

Lots of logging to catch up on, so here goes!

Greenbelt Hike: 1:43
Hike Data (not accurate, gps kept auto-pausing then not starting again due to steep climbs)

MTB Ride: Rimer's Ranch. 66min
Ride Data

MTB Ride: Walnut creek park. 86min
Ride Data

KM class, 1hr, ground fighting - crazy hard, very fun!
Dog walk, 44min

KM class, 1hr

KM class, 1hr

Run 29min @ 5.7pace
Dog walk 40min

Dog walk, 66min

Run @ Town Lake: 57min, 5.5 pace

KO kickboxing

5x5 lifting party
-dead lift: 225, 225, 275, 300, 300
-shoulder press: 135 all rounds
-pendlay row: 135 all rounds
-front squat: 185 all rounds

100 double unders

KM classes, level 1 and 2 back to back.