Monday, January 16, 2012


A day of diving on Saturday and a great mountain bike ride on Sunday and I have no complaints, except that time went too fast. I felt like I rode a lot better on Sunday, and though the trail was easier than some of the others, it felt good to go faster. We ran into a few other people we know from diving out on the trail, and promptly dropped them so that was a good feeling too. Also, my 5k run on Friday was under 30min and I didn't really even try that hard...time to try to set a PR on that (and remember my stupid Garmin HR/GPS to log it)!

Krav L1 & Krav L2 classes

MTB ride at Slaughter Creek
20 miles - Ride Data

Scuba diving & walked the dogs for just over an hour

5k jog: 28:29

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