Monday, February 13, 2012

Is it June yet?

I am so ready to go on vacation! I'm ready for sun, sand, scuba diving in clear and warm water, and no conference calls! While vacation is 4 months away, that time will probably go by pretty fast!

I sometimes get the feeling that I am running myself a bit ragged, which is why the time is going by so fast! This is a good thing, really, because I feel fortunate that I am able to go to Crossfit, Krav Maga, and all the other stuff I do every week! I last went to a globo gym a few months back and I felt really out of sorts. With its forest of machines and walls of mirrors mixed with people reading books and magazines while pedaling or walking on the treadmills, I just felt lost. What could I really do there? I don't do curls or leg extensions. This isn't meant to be judgmental against this gym or the people there, but sometimes when it's raining on a Saturday this is where I end up. Lost in a sea of machines. At least they have a couple Concept2 rowers that usually work.

Speaking of those check this link out: Fix your rowing

Went hiking, worked in the yard some more..not a hard day, but it was pretty busy and kinda cold out.

Went diving at Lake Travis for a few hours. It was freakin' cold in the morning!

Active Rest Friday - some light yoga & walked with the dogs

Crossfit Central WOD

A) 5x5 Floor Press

B) 3 rounds for time:
Ab Mat Sit Ups 50, 50, 50
Wall Walks 5, 4, 3
Double Unders 50, 50, 50

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Crossfit Central WOD

New Benchmark – Retest in 6 weeks
3 rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Thrusters 135#
21 Pull Ups
DNF RX, 2+11 Thrusters in 20min cutoff

Krav Level 1 & Level 2 classes

Wasn't feeling well. Didn't do much besides lay up and sleep...not fun.

Went hiking, worked in the yard...not a hard day, but it was pretty busy

Active Rest Friday - some light yoga & walked with the dogs

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