Monday, May 2, 2011


I have been offered a new job, which is a promotion. I am not sure how that will affect my usual noon-time class, but it's all good - it'll be worth it either way.

Finishing up a nice "recovery week" was good, and the seminars I attended at Crossfit Central were both great - thanks to the coaches that took time to pass on the info - Megan & Crystal were both great. A lot of my mobility defects can easily be reduced with some time and effort. I'm gonna do a mobility WOD every day. It wont take much investment besides time, and will prove to be hugely beneficial. Check out the Mobility WOD site!

2011 May 2 - Mon
31min stair climber - aka devil & death machine!
Climbed 104 flights of stairs, which was showing 2.14 miles & 657cal burned
Did alternating skip a step for 20, 20 sidestep right, 20 sidestep left, 20 regular etc etc...holy shit. The dang thing looked like I was raining sweat...not fun to cleanup!

2012 May 1 - Sun
Went diving @ Lake Travis. Did two technical training dives, including one w/mandatory decompression stop - no workout for min 6hrs if decompression required, but after that I was wiped out! Tried to do a 3rd dive, but was getting hamstring cramps and thumbed it.

2011 Apr 30 - Sat
Run 5k - 29:10
HIIT Bike intervals, 30min

2011 Apr 29 - Fri
Row 10k
44:59 - ughhhh...not fun. at all.

2011 Apr 28 - Thu
CC Mobility class (6am -eek!)
HIIT bike ride

2011 Apr 27 - Wed

4 mile bike
four rounds:
25 lunges
20 pushups
15 box jump, 20"
10 squat jumps
5 burpee
4 mile bike

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