Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Luckily for me I write things down, as I have been crazy busy with work and such and haven't made time to update this blog...Anyway, here we go:

WOD 2011-Mar-16
Run 5k (29:29)
150 abwheels (untimed...sucked)

Crossfit Central WOD 2011-Mar-15
5 Rounds
500m Row
21 kb swing, 24kg
42 double unders
DNF - finished 3 rounds, then through 8 double unders of 4th - RX

WOD 2011-Mar-14
Sprints 100m x 10 - Rest between each the time it took to run the previous
OHS practice with broomstick
HSPU practice

WOD 2011-Mar-13
Rest Day - went scuba diving. The lake is still cold!!

WOD 2011-Mar-12
Eh.. 5 or 6hrs of yard work, fence repair/rebuild, etc....sacked!

WOD 2011-Mar-11   
Veloway 3 laps time trial
33:44 - very windy!! 

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