Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rhythm Interrupt

I hate when I get on a good rhythm with things,  like my Monday 5k run, and something gets in the way! I hate even more that I allow it. I guess it's human, but it's frustrating. Usually I get away at lunch to run, stretch, roll out, and get a PWO meal then head back to work.

Some days, things just go sideways!

  • 802am - emergency conference call, panic in the streets
  • 558pm - call ends, no resolution. Barely time to get snacks and water all day.
  • 619pm - arrive at Academy to buy new running shoes. Have issues finding shoes that feel good. Takes forever, and I'm still not sure what I bought are right. Why can't running shoes cost under $90 and feel good? Ugh.
  • 755pm - arrive at Sprout's to pick up a few things. Starving now, btw! GF takes forever looking around at crap
  • 850pm (!) - make it home, eat some pulled pork, and wonder where the day went. Now my motivation to run is gone. Great.
  • 1000pm - Do a yoga session, shower, bed. 
I guess I may have to start getting used to getting my run & workouts in before work. I really like the mid-day break, but it totally screws me up when shit gets interrupted unexpectedly. This is one of my struggles!

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