Thursday, February 17, 2011


Not the movie. It's where I am lately. Since the dog was in her accident last week, my sleep has been totally screwed up. I was on such a great rhythm of more than 8hrs a night, every night, that getting less is jacking me up bad!  Its compounded by getting woken up frequently. Ugh. I think it's even made me sick a few days! Needless to say I missed a few workouts since then, and that is making sleep probably even harder to get. Shit rolls downhill, doesn't it?

Crossfit Central WOD 2011-Feb-17

Run 800

Hang Squat Clean 3-3-3-3-3

AMRAP 10min
4 Burpee
8 KB Swing, 32KG
4 rounds RX

Wednesday 2011-Feb-116
Yoga, 1hr class...very un-fun.

Tuesday 2011-Feb-15

Didn't do shit.

Monday 2011-Feb-14
Run 1 mile
Ride 5 miles

Sunday  2011-Feb-13
35min bike ride
50 reps, dips
40 reps, db bench press (100lb dbs)

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