Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time is flying

Seems like this month is freakin' flying by! It's crazy!

Crossfit Central WOD
3 rounds for time:20 KB Explosive Lunges (in Goblet Position)
10 R-Arm KB Clean & Press
10 L-Arm KB Clean & Press
200m Run w/ KB any way

15:10 RX

Krav Maga
Worked on skills for upcoming level test, which I will be forced to miss.

KO Bag Kickboxing
Lots and lots of round kicks. Worked everything for power seemed like. Really tiring! Awesome stuff.

Went diving, then swam some, then took dogs for another good walk of 92min.

Active Rest - Walked dogs for just over an hour, did some yard work, etc.

KO Bag Kickboxing
A pretty rough class, tons of burpees and sprawls! It was a hell of a happy-hour.

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