Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is healthy?

At the Krav studio last night, I was listening to a guy talking to his friend about how he's eating a healthy diet, but not losing as much weight as he'd like. He said he ate an average sized bowl of Special K for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine microwave chicken pasta for lunch, snacked on a couple granola bars, and drank "only" three diet cokes (no idea if 12oz or 20oz here) during his work day rather than the usual regular cokes. I didn't catch the end of their conversation b/c some people I know walked over so I couldn't keep listening to them talk, but it made me think about what different people consider healthy eating!

I guess he could have had this for lunch: Mac'n Cheeseburger (Holy shit!)

Crossfit Central WOD
CFT - Day 2: DL 1-1-1

Yoga for Athletes
Zen week: Definitely need this today.

Krav Maga 
Nice and easy warmup, then 100 pushups, not so easy anymore huh? I knew something painful was coming :) We then worked straight punch, elbows, and front choke defense.

KO Bag - Kickboxing
Good class, using some weights in the warmup is always a fun change (by fun I mean painful).

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