Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apr 12 & 13 - Double Down!

Ok my legs = smoked like a pack of Kools from the last two days!

12 April
5 rounds for time, 155lbs
12 dead lift
9 hang clean
6 push jerk
18:58 Rx

Holy freakin crap... that was a struggle.  Could have done faster at CC with the class and higher energy, but man that is no joke. 

Day 68 - 100 squats - not fun

13 April 

"The Bear" complex:
5 rounds of 7 reps of the following sequence:
Squat Clean to Thruster (or Push Press) to Back Squat to Thruster (or Push Press) = 1 rep.
Bar can NOT rest on ground at all
135, 145, 155, 165(miss), 165(miss)

Day 69 - 100 squats - less fun than yesterday heh

Legs feeling like I did a double down on them from yesterday and today. Gonna be a little sore tomorrow.

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  1. Word...My upper body is DONE! That Bear WOD was no joke!