Monday, April 5, 2010

Apr 2-4 - A crazy busy weekend. How will this week go?

This is how you have to "dress" to comfortably dive in water that is just barely in the 50s. It sure is a lot of extra gear, work, and so on, but diving cold isn't any fun at all.  I'm definitely looking forward to summer's higher water temps. That said, the "good" viz is when the water is colder... what would you prefer: cold and better viz or warm and less viz?

5k run

100 squats

3 rounds
10 clean/jerk 135
10 box jump
10 kb swing, russian, 1 arm, 20kg

100 squats

Went to DM for a class - 3 dives.

Divemaster for charter on Lake Travis, two tank trip.  Water is still cold - only 51 degrees at 113'

Went for an hour walk with the dog & 100 squats

I ate a small chocolate bunny and 8 jelly beans. Tasted so good, but what a horrid headache. Ugh. Not worth it.

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  1. The week will go how you want it to go! Visualize, pick your attitude, make this week your bitch!