Thursday, April 22, 2010

Apr 22 - More Deadlift :)

Take that you stupid legs!  I was pretty sore from the deadlifts two days ago, so I wasn't sure how this morning would go. Legs actually feel better than when I showed up, which is a nice surprise.

I suck at the ring dip.

Crossfit Central WOD

AMRAP 15min
10 abmat situps
10 ring dips
10 burpees
10 SDHP, 32kg
7 + situps

Day 78 - 100 squats.

  • 730 - Eggs, turkey bacon, dried apple slices, water, coffee (pwo)
  • 1015 - smoked turkey, mixed nuts, coconut water, water
  • 1230 - Pulled pork, tomato, almonds, water

1 comment:

  1. I was NOT in a DL mood today after tues....but looks like we both did good.

    78 days of squats....pretty damn respectable!