Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apr 17 - Busy bees!

14 April 
Rest day, took dogs for a 2.5mi jog
100 squats - day 70

15 April
Crossfit Central WOD
305, 315, 335, 350, 365

3 rounds
7 Overhead squat, 75lb
21 pullups

100 squats - day 71

16 April
5k run with the dogs, right under 35min
100 squats, day 72

17 April
Man, i've been on my feet all day. I'm sacked and my feet are very tired! We did a meet and greet at Petco with the Austin German Shepherd Rescue - our foster Mia made a LOT of new friends.  Then we had to go shopping, clean house etc. I should have worked out early, but didn't. Now I have company coming...oh well, I can double down tomorrow!

100 squats, day 73!
This was way more fun in day

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