Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apr 20 - Wow.

Crossfit Central WOD
Max reps, 5 rounds
Deadlift 275lb, handstand pushups
66/77 Rx DL, HSPU feet on tall squat rack.

That is the number I came up with, but seems like I messed up count somewhere. Not sure, but anyway...still a killer WOD. It's amazing how taxing max rep heavy DL is!

I LOVE the new programming we're doing at Crossfit Central

Day 76 - 100 squats.
I'm starting to hate this! :))

After work, I took the dogs for a 4 mile walk/jog to loosen up my legs, so nice out...too bad the heat is coming soon.

  • 730am - Eggs, turkey bacon, tomato, water, coffee
  • 1030am - Whey shake, water
  • 140pm - Why shake, apple, water (pwo)
  • 345pm - sausage, tomato, nuts, water
  • 540pm - sausage, orange, nuts, water
  • 815pm - pot roast, steamed veggies, water

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