Friday, November 25, 2011

No Leftovers. No BS.

Yesterday everyone was talking about the dreaded food coma that so many people succumb to every Thanksgiving. Today it's the leftovers that they're blowing through like a tornado.

Not me. I can't afford that.

I had my "bad meal" yesterday, but didn't bring home any leftovers and I don't have any "holiday" food at all. I would, to be honest, not be upset about a nice pile of leftover smoked turkey breast! I didn't spend the day shopping or laying on my ass watching football, and I feel freaking fantastic. I did go to Costco to get a refund on my Garmin FR410 -- I bought it last week for $279 and they're on sale today for $209 - what a fantastic deal!

MTB Ride at McKinney Falls State Park
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