Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'll tell you what, your choice in strategy can really make or break you in a race! Last night I entered my first mountain bike race, and I screwed myself right off the start. Let me break it down: Because I had never entered a race before, I thought I would start at the back of the pack and then try to chase people in front of me and pick them off one at a time - chase the carrots, if you will. Due to the rain that fell a few days ago, the track was deep and soft, and very much one-lined in a lot of places. That one line wasn't even really that good for the most part. So with my strategy in effect, we were off... a few small obstacles were no problem then the first uphill climb that turns to the left. It was soft and steep...yep, 10-15 people in front of me piled up, unable to make it up. I jump off my bike and wait for them to get straight and going, and realize that I just lost at least 30sec of time there then it happened again on the next climb on that lap. Looking at the data (lap 2 was first real lap of the race) I can see my first lap was over 1min slower than the next (lap 3). Yikes. Next time I will not lay up at the start! I'll just hit it and if people are faster they will pass me anyway, but at least I wont get hosed at the start of the race.

2011-Nov-29 & Dec 1
Crossfit Central WOD
SQ 335, PR 200, DL 335 (WTF!)

I am not real happy about those numbers. No screw that, they are bullshit.

Dirt Derby - Mountain bike race

Krav Maga class
Getting ready for level test on Dec 10th!

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