Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back in the swing of things? Kinda

Siamil Island

Sipadan Water Village - where we stayed

In the wild! Pygmy Elephants


White tip shark

White tip shark

Ah vacation...you know how it is when you're gone for a long time? You come home with loads of laundry, no food in the refrigerator, jet-lagged, and generally out of sorts with life! While I had a fantastic three-week trip to Malaysia and a day to play around Singapore, I really think it was a bit too long! That said, I would go again tomorrow :)  I will post a link to the rest of the photos later - or peep my Facebook if we are "friends."

Now the business of getting back on track is in full swing!

Crossfit Central WOD
Usual warmup plus Kettlebell warmup workout with 24kg bell - press, swing, goblet sqats, carry across gym, etc...

Run 800 for time

Annie - 50,40,30,20,10 - Double Unders & Situps (abmat)
12:34 Rx

Tabata Squats - 8 rounds
Low round: 10 squats

Krav Maga 
Lots of mental catching up! A few weeks away from class leads to a lot of rust!

KO Bag Kickboxing
Only two of us showed up for kickboxing, and we were run through the wringer!

Yoga & hike with dog for 2:02

Veloway ride
41min, 16.1 avg speed

Yoga class - sore as crap from 27th heh

Crossfit Central WOD

Backsquat 5x3 (moderate weight, max depth as possible)
135, 155, 175, 185, 225

5 Rounds
9 plyo-pushup (clapping)
6 broad jump
9 weighted situps 35#
10:00 Rx

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