Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 14- 19 ...dizzy days.

Quick recap of the last few days..

May 14, swimming and bike riding...endurance stuff, kinda fun, kinda boring too. Not a fan of it too much, but needed.... Did day 97 of squats!

May 15 - Went scuba diving, in three locations, so all day from 6am-8pm! Man was I tired and slept great! Forgot / blew off squats..sue me.

Sunday May 16 - Went scuba diving again, and it didn't go well. Got a reverse block in my ear, pressure wouldn't equalize and caused a lot of pain and equilibrium to be a bit off. Went to ER, got Vicodin. Luckily, ear drum is not ruptured.

Monday - Wednesday - Kinda took it easy. Skipped CrossFit WOD on Tuesday... dizzy plus Vicodin = not good for working out. Oh well.

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  1. James~ Hope the ear is healing fast. I miss working out with ya:(