Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4 - Fight gone really bad.

I'm very happy that the week "off" from Crossfit Central is done. It's amazing how much difference just two days a week affects my overall attitude. See, I had a bit of a blah attitude going in today, sucked in the WOD, but now I feel much better. I think I'm gonna go run the dogs then swim some laps after work...I love having the pool so close.

CC WOD: Fight Gone Bad
2 rounds, RXd - 177 ( I think. I also think that fuggin sucks)

Day 87 - 100 squats.
I hate you, squat.

730am - Eggs, turkey bacon, water, coffee
1030am - Whey shake, water
140pm - Whey shake, banana, water (pwo)
450pm - sausage, tomato, almonds, water

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