Monday, May 3, 2010

May 1 - Warrior Dash and the First Aid station.

Warrior Dash - what a great concept. It was really a lot of fun. We met a lot of cool people from all over, tons of CrossFit shirts from affiliates I haven't even heard of, crazy costumes, serious competitors, and everyone in between. Check out the Macho Man...Ohhhhh YEAH!!! 

We were in the very first heat, so we got underway while it was still cool out and the ground was still soggy (and slick as shit) from the previous night's rain. The obstacles, to be honest, were not near as "extreme" as I had expected, but probably appropriate to a wide range of people.

Coming to the last obstacle, I was all good...not really even tired, heart-rate about 90 (if that), and feeling no pain at all. I see the huge mud-pit and dive head first under the barbed wire. I think I smacked my hand to my eye, or something, because even though I closed my eyes I got an eye full of mud and sand. Not good. I finished the race, and headed to the First Aid station for some help. 
 Mud Crawl

I promised my girlfriend that if she did it, I would stay with her. That made it easier since she hates running even more than I do, yet harder because I wanted to go faster.  Check out our post-race nutrition...turkey legs and beer!  My first beers since New Years!

Following day, I had a loose flap of skin from my eye lid that would cover my eye every time I blinked...very weird and not very cool!  Eye doc said it's nothing serious, just uncomfortable...just keep it clean, use drops, and shouldn't have any lasting issues at all.

So time to confess..  I haven't done my squats since last Friday. I didn't plan to take days off, but it is what it is. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

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