Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/20 - Bloggerlag and a new challenge

I've been off blogging a while! I had a shitty week at work and other areas last week and decided not to blog about it or anything else. I had started a few and started typing and re-thinking all the shit that was pissing me off, so i decided to just drive on through it and not look back. No need to get all pissed about things I can't change, is there?

Had great workouts at Crossfit Central last week, though! People sometimes ask why I drive way up to Crossfit Central, why I pay "that much" for "working out" and so on. It's simple, at least to me: the community and coaches.

Yesterday morning was an early three-lap ride at the Veloway - great way to kick the week off.
34:27 not a PR, having some issues with my bike - shifting issues I just paid to have tuned, but still a good run in the wind.

I'm going to skip the Lean Turkey Challenge Crossfit Central does every year, and do something I haven't done before - Unlimited Kettlebell - Kettlebell Central in addition to my normal class for at least two months. Goal: blow though the plateau I'm on like C4....boom! October classes start next week...I am ready.

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