Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aug 31 - Lesson Learned

Today was CFT day, and what a crazy day it was. Starting with my performance, I am pretty happy with the shoulder press @ 205lbs (tied my PR), but not too happy with the squat at 365lbs. I went for 405 and it was a little too go.

Now, the lesson. Spotting my buddy Blake H, with 465lbs on his back, he started to have trouble and I didn't get the spot right -- too far away from him -- and the bar fell hitting my knee on the way down. Fortunately nothing bad, just a glancing blow and a small bruise. Sure taught me the hard way how NOT to spot someone!

CrossfitCentral WOD
CFT Day 1
Squat:  335, 365, 405X
Shoulder Press: 185, 205, 210X

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