Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/29 - Positive Reflections

Do you ever reflect on a decision you've made and wonder how much worse life would be had you not made that choice? Too many times I hear people talk about regret, so I want to turn it around today!

About six years ago, I was a smoker. I don't mean a few here or there, or "just when I drink." I mean full on pack-a-day, sometimes more, smoker! One fateful day in late October 2004, I woke up and realized that I was down to one cigarette. I went out to the patio, coffee in one hand and the little white cigarette in the other. As I sat down to smoke, I started wondering if I would have time to run to the store to buy another pack before my daily conference calls started.

Another sip of coffee and a few more drags off that last cigarette in my pack led to thoughts about how exhausting smoking can be. Do I have any left? Do I have time to go smoke real quick? Can I eat fast enough to go smoke before everyone is ready to leave? Where is my lighter? I realized that, aside from the obvious health-related issues smoking causes, it owns way too much of your life and thoughts. Not to mention the "nice" smell your clothes and everything else has!

That was my moment! I knew right then I had enough. I also knew that it would be an uphill battle. I have not smoked a single cigarette since that morning, not even a drag off of one. It was probably one of the hardest battles of my life, but I won!

I started tracking my "quit" I got an email with my status. Pretty amazing!

Your Quit Date is:  10/26/2004 8:03 AM
Time Smoke-Free: 2164 days, 7 hours, 10 minutes and 43 seconds   
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 54107 
Lifetime Saved:  13 months, 23 days, 7 hours 
Money Saved: $17,582.50 

That was set up with the price of a pack in 2004...I am sure they are more expensive. Luckily for me, I have no idea!

Action crushes fear. If you have a goal, don't be afraid to make it happen! I can't imagine life as a smoker now, and I am thankful that I was able to quit.

Active Rest Day
Did the usual warm-up we do at Crossfit Central with some rope ladders instead of a 400m run

3 rounds
800m run
25 situps

Not timed, didn't push hard, just wanted to get in a little work and work out some of the sore from Cindy yesterday!

TP & Foam rolling and some PN stretching to follow... what a great day it is.

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