Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 26, 27, 28 - Changing it up?

Trying to work on ways to change things up, do different things, and have more fun with workouts. I want to keep doing crossfit WODs, but add something else to it. I'm going to start adding some biking, kayaking, hiking w/a pack, etc - these are functional, no? 

July 26
Avg speed trial, 30min, known 3mile course.
15.5mph average

Not bad for a 9spd mtn bike. Could go much faster on a road bike.

July 27
Crossfit Central WOD
"Sally T"
2 Hang Squat Clean, Shuttle Run
4 HSC, Shuttle Run
6 HSC, Shuttle Run
8 HSC, Shuttle Run
6 HSC, Shuttle Run
4 HSC, Shuttle Run
2 HSC, Shuttle Run
4:58 Rx

4 rounds, 5min cutoff
15 situps, 20 wide arm pushups, 25 lunges
3rd round though pushups when time called.

July 28
60 min endurance ride, avg 14.7mph. Good fun, almost hit by a car turning in front of me.

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