Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29 - Yikes

Today the WOD looked pretty rough, but I didn't think it would bitch slap us like it did! The ring dips..holy fkin shit!  Gonna feel them tomorrow for sure...

Crossfit Central WOD
30-20-10 - KB Cleans, 32kg (72lb)
10-20-30 - Ring dips
11:32 Rx

Post Party
Plank -> pushups -> plank -> pushups -> plank -> rest ( I think?)

The post party, after the ring dips, was absolutely crushing. For me, ring dips are killers, and this stuff after....pfff I think I did 7 or 8 pushups total in those two rounds and spent a good bit of time wondering how to stay off my face!

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