Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11/24 - More squats? For real? Yes.

After yesterday's WOD (185lb squat-cleans), the legs were pretty worn out today! I knew that once we got warmed up and started the WOD, they'd feel better so off I went to the double-C's for some kettlebell fun and another great workout. Well, to say the least I saw the board and knew that the pain train was coming! The 2nd WOD is a killer!

Hope everyone has a happy & healthy holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

Crossfit Central KB 
KB Overhead Squat
KB I used: 16kg, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg, 24kg, 24kg

On the minute do a rep, on 2nd min ad a rep, and each minute after, add another.
Min 1 - 1rep, min 2 - 2 reps, min 3 - 3 reps.... Min 10 - 10 reps

KB Snatch -> front squat -> thruster  - 24kg
Made it through minute 8 & 8 reps, minutes 9 & 10 also 8 reps

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