Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29 - One holiday down, one to go

Thanksgiving was fun, had lunch at Hyde Park Grill with my gf and good friends. I've had Thanksgiving there a few times and I like the fact that it's one meal and you're done. There aren't tables of crap I don't need to be eating all over the house for days on end and no family drama!

I'm really enjoying my Monday's off. It's awesome to have three-day weekends every weekend! It will not be fun to go back to a full work week in January 2011, but for's great!  Woke up this AM and made a good breakfast, took the dogs for a walk, did some laundry, and headed up to Crossfit Central for a KB class.

Crossfit Kettlebell 
Warm Up:
Arm bar stretch, 5 both right and left arm (16kg)

10 Turkish Get up (16kg)
I didn't finish all 10 in time, only 8 (or 7?).

5 Rounds, 15min cap
21 KB Swings (24kg)
250m run
12 Ring Dips
I completed 4 rounds + 19 swings RX

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