Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/2 - Can I buy a break?

  • 6am meeting...same bs from all week.
  • 7am meeting lasts until 11:55am. 
  • 11:58am I leave for Crossfit Central, GPS says ETA 12:26..great, well I will do my 20 burpees for being late, better than not getting to go.
  • 12:03 police blocking northbound Mopac at Davis Ln....WTF!
  • 12:09 police blocking northbound Mopac at Slaughter Ln.. WTF x 2!!
  • 12:17 police blocking northbound Mopac at WM Cannon...& WM Cannon East = parking lot. WTF x3 !!!  No fucking way I will make it to Crossfit Central in time. GPS now says ETA 12:44...grrrrrrr!
  • 12:25 arrive at home, warm up,  pull out a workout from the pile of old WODs I have and get something done!
@ Home Workout
For time:
50 situps
50 pushups
50 squats, butt to ball
50 kb swing, 20kg
50 kb snatch, 20kg
50 kb dead lift, 20kg
50 box jump, 20" box
50 lunges, 45lb plate overhead
50 russian twists, medball
50 double-unders


  1. Yeah, was a good bit harder than I expected...sheesh :)