Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aggression + Technique = BOOM!

So I've been wanting to try out a Krav Maga class for a long time, but various things were allowed to get in the way. Yesterday, it was time to go get some!  I showed up not really knowing what to expect or how it would be. I had heard from someone (not a person that does CrossFit) that just the warmup was ridiculous, but I was not worried about that! We started off with a pre-class meeting with the instructor to go over the basics. It was actually really basic and intuitive. A couple stances and techniques and we were cleared for class.

We started by jogging around the studio room, then high knees, butt-kick run, etc then some stretching. The warmup was far from ridiculous, so my confidence that I could handle it was growing. We started with some hammer fists as the pace of class quickly increased. My partner was also a first-timer so we were in the weeds a little bit, but kept each other pushing and hitting. Once we did tons of variations of hammer fists standing, on knees and on our backs - fighting someone off - we moved to kicks. This was where principles of aggression and technique really come together when you do it right, and really shows when you don't! We were doing kicks and I was not doing it right. The instructor taught me how to rotate my hips to get more power...resulting in my next kick landing a lot better. I was pumped, until I heard "Now do it with some fucking aggression, like you fucking mean it!" BOOM! My training partner last night was far from a small man, but my kick send him stumbling back against the wall. Holy shit! It was a fantastic feeling! Then we got to do it about 100 more times. Each time I found myself losing a little power, I am sad to admit! Next thing I know we are in groups of three, with two people coming at me and me kicking and punching them away at random times and directions. This seemed to go on forever, but it was fantastic to let out all that stress.


I signed up for unlimited ass kicking! My classes at Crossfit Central plus these classes a few days a week will result in great nights sleep, tons of laundry, and a whole new mental outlook. The physical benefits will be great too!

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