Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy times

Today starts a hectic next few days. The time will fly by, and it'll be all I can do to get everything done! Workouts, seminars, dive charters, new foster dog,! This evening I have a technical dive, which will be a challenge and fun at the same time. I'm a bit sad I'll miss the Yoga for Athletes class tonight, however!

2011-June-9 - Crossfit Central WOD
6x2 Front Squat
135, 185, 185, 205, 225, 255(pr)
“Jess E”       
20 Wall Ball, 20lb
1 Inverted Burpee
18/2, 16/3, 14/4, 12/5, 10/6, 8/7, 6/8, 4/9, 2/10
13:30 Rx

2011-June-8 - Krav Maga class
The 1st week ... looking back, I've learned a lot, but have SO much to learn. Tonight's class was really good. We worked on palm-heel strikes and played a game where the instructor randomly put pads around the room and we had to jump from face-down & hands behind back to our feet, find a pad and hold for someone else who didn't get to one in time. If you are fast enough to get a pad, you're a holder, otherwise you get to spend a minute (which feels like 5) striking the pad over and over. Fun game! I had to hit only once, so that was cool. Then we worked on choke defense, focusing on proper technique and mechanics rather than speed & aggression - better to learn the correct movement, first.

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