Thursday, June 2, 2011

CFT finished up (May 2011)

I'm not totally pumped on my CFT this time, as it's a bit down. I was, to be honest, a bit scared to really go for it on the back squat due to the tight back I've been working around. I'm a bit under 1000, but I'm confident I'll get back and my goal is 1100.

2011-May-2 Crossfit Central WOD
Day 2 CFT
BS - 365 (Done 5/31)
SP - 210 (Done 5/31)
DL - 405
Total: 985

Later tonight: Krav Maga
Edit: Ended up doing a Yoga for Athletes class. Which involved heavy shoulder mobility. How cool. Then went and did handstands and L - wow, much more difficult than I expected. Awesome stuff.

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