Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Small changes, big results

OK...confession: Oly lifts are an area that I need big improvements. Today we did power snatch @ 115lb and I found that it was harder than it should have been. I couldn't feel what was going wrong in each lift. Next thing I know I heard Coach Zach "JAMES! Get your ass down!!"  I get into a better position and he says "NOW! GO!"  Result is amazing! The weight flies up much easier! That's small change leading to instant results!

I've found that the same thing works in Krav Maga classes too. Proper rotation of the hips = huge increase in power. Strike with palm not fingers = huge increase in power. Elbow down, not up = ... see what I mean?

I could not see any of these things working out alone. This is why a really good coach is so important.

1) Crossfit Central WOD
Power Snatch 115#
Ring rows
10:28 RX

2) Yoga For Athletes
Tonight we focused on shoulder mobility - just what I need, I'm thinking. Next thing I know we are doing wall walks. Over, and over, and over...wow....that was unexpected and pretty hard!! Throw in some wrist mobility and a 2min headstand and before I knew it the 45min class was done and I was, yet again, soaked in sweat.

What a kick-ass day!

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