Monday, June 13, 2011


When you get something new and it clicks for the first time, it's one of the best feelings, right? I have found a couple of those moments over the last few days, and it's great! Being new to Krav Maga, each time I go is both a lesson and a killer workout at the same time. Awesome stuff. The various instructors, as you would expect, all have different ways of explaining things - sometimes the way one explains makes it easy to put to action.

2011-Jun-13  Krav Maga Level 1 & 2 class
Felt good to get back at it today after a day off on Sunday. Today a couple things clicked for me with my footwork, which I have been struggling with. Better footwork leads to a better fight position which leads to better hip engagement ending with a much more powerful kick...what's that song? Click click BOOM! 

Went diving in the morning and shopping for new kicks after.

Champs in Barton Creek (?) mall has Nike Free TR $25.00 off!

2011-June-11 Krav Maga Edge Weapon Defense Seminar
I wasn't sure what to expect -I knew for sure it wouldn't be two hours of sitting and listening to a lecture, though! I had a good night of sleep and was hydrated and ready. The class was fantastic and I really learned a lot. The only bad thing was smashing my forearms against my partner's for two hours straight...both of my forearms (and I bet his too!) are pretty bruised up. Two more hours next weekend!

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