Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Double Down

I think that signing up for Krav Maga and all their classes at Fit & Fearless has been a great thing for me. Over the last month I've gained a TON of confidence and I feel like my metcon is definitely improving. Also, it's made me focus a lot more on what I fuel my fire with. Let the benefits roll!

I haven't really ever doubled down on workouts, but lately I have been doing that a bit more. On the 11th doing those classes back to back was pretty freakin' awesome and I felt strong and focused the whole two hours. Good stuff.

Do you double down?

Krav Maga Class
Worked palm-heel strike, front kicks, elbow 1, and choke defense. Great class today.

KO Bag -Kickboxing Class
Another fun, yet crazy challenging class. Lots of kick, jab, squat jump, sprawl, punch combos. It's almost like doing burpees then punching again haha

Went diving. One technical/decompression dive and two fun dives. A fantastic day!

Yoga For Athletes
Triangle poses. The AC was off. By the end, I was doing yoga in a sweat pool the size of Lake Travis

KO Bag - Kickboxing Class
Crazy combo sets, and a killer workout. Fantastic stuff.

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