Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Down, but not out.

Saturday the 16th I woke up early, the dogs were ready to go out to bark and waste my sleep time. I took them out and while watching them do nothing but walk around I realized I didn't feel right. A few minutes later, it changed from not right to bad. I will spare those of you that may read this the details, leaving just this - it's now Wednesday the 20th and my guts are still all twisted up and things are far from normal. It's hard to just stay hydrated! I didn't workout Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

The joys of owning my own home were once again realized on Tuesday when the plumber was supposed to show up at 10 for a quick job and didn't arrive until 40min later, thus pushing past my time to leave for class at Crossfit Central - however, he did a great job replacing my spare bath shower/tub fixtures for a lot less than I expected and he didn't have to cut my walls open to do it. I'll take that trade-off.

Krav Maga Class (Level 1)
Worked on advancing punches and elbows and internal defense (straight punches).

Yoga For Athletes
Standing poses, some kinda crazy word I will never remember or spell! A two min headstand to finish up the session

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