Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/12 - Who is the new guy?

Something weird happened today, maybe it's not the first time, but I will say it's the first time I really noticed. I had to go to a conference with a vendor we work with today, so I woke up early and hit the 615am class at Crossfit Central with Coach Zachary Thiel. I'm certainly not used to getting up at 520am, but I had gone to bed early to ensure I would get a good night rest so I felt pretty good when I arrived, felt better after the warmup, and I felt awesome during the workout, almost like I had an extra gear! Where did this extra mojo come from? I wonder if it's because I was with another class and had that "new guy" thing as extra motivation to crush them? Seems likely!

So now...keeping the engine in that extra gear every time is the goal!

For sure paleo food as well as adding unlimited kettlebell and getting in at least two days more a week at Crossfit Central is paying dividends.

Crossfit Central WOD
10 kb front squat, 20 kb snatch, 30kb clean, 40 pushup, 50 kb swing, 40pu, 30 clean, 20 sn, 10 sq @ 24kg = 12:19 RX

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