Friday, October 22, 2010

10/22 - Here comes Romeo

The last foster doggy was living in my house for two months. It was, to be honest, really quite a bitter-sweet moment when he got adopted!  I figured to give it a break before taking in another one, but there's another dog out there that needs a home so I'll be picking up Romeo tomorrow morning. He's supposedly well socialized so he'll get to come along on errands, go to the dog parks, and so on.

Today was a first. The first time I went to Crossfit Central five days in a row. It also was the end of October programs, so I guess I will go ahead and do November the same way. I can't say for sure that I can make all five days a week every week, but I can say that I will certainly get some great work done in the next four weeks.

Keep crankin'

Crossfit Central Kettlebell WOD
Partner WOD...Two rounds for total reps:
4min KB Swings (American), 3min Push Press, 2 min Burpees, 1 min Snatch - 24Kg bell
2min Rest
We did 552 reps

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