Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/21 - Up in the morning before the break of day....I don't like it, no way!

The title of this post is from an Army cadence we would sing running down the road or firebreaks. It was in my head today as I was running the 400m to complete our warm-up. It's funny how those cadences come back into my mind when I run.  I still don't really like getting up early all that much. It takes me a bit to get going and get in the right mind-set. Once I get my head right, I usually have a pretty good workout and I always feel really good the rest of the day.

 Today's WOD was tough, but at the same time frustrating. The tape on the rings I was using were soaked from the class before, so I had to waste some time with that, and then I was making the rings slick with my own...maybe wristbands aren't such a bad idea. After all, this is not a fashion contest.

Crossfit Central WOD
5x3 thrusters
115, 135, 150, 165, 185

AMRAP 12min
50ft walk lunge 45lb overhead
5 muscleups
Did 4 rounds, jumping muscleups

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