Thursday, August 18, 2011

Results or excuses.

So 12 days ago, I started David King's fitness rehab in order to get myself refocused, mainly on what I was eating and when. At the time, I set a goal for the 21-day program. Well, it's day 13 and I have already met, and by .2lbs, surpassed that goal. Pretty incredible stuff. That said, the number follows...


It comes down, really, to choosing to get results vs choosing to make excuses. I can't have both, and neither can you.

Crossfit Central WOD
Push Press 5-5-5-5-5

“Reagan W”
6 Rounds, 10min cutoff
100 M Run
3 DeadLifts @ 315#
15 Sit ups
5 rounds completed as RX

Krav Maga Class
Straight punches, tons of them. Advancing and getting out of the pocket punches were tough! Have to work on those more. Headlock defense work to end the class was rough, but great to learn/practice.

KO Bag Kickboxing Class
Wednesdays are usually the hardest, and it didn't disappoint! This must be freakin' "burpee week!" :)

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