Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rehab - Days 1 through 3

I needed a little kick in the backside to get things going, reboot, and get a fresh start towards my goals. I started David King's Fitness Rehab program on Saturday Aug. 6, 2011. I will be the first to admit that I knew what to eat, how much water to drink, how much sleep I need a night, and what I need to do in the gym. The problem was simple: I was not 100% focused. I would let things slide, or say "just this little ___ for dinner? No big deal." You know how tons of little things can become a big thing? Yeah, well, if you constantly sabotage yourself with little hits all the time, you definitely will hamper (or kill) your progress.

2011-Aug-8: Fitness Rehab Day 3
Rehab goal: 21 days, 9lbs
Monday, for some people is their least favorite day of the week. For me, it's not that bad! I get to go to a couple great classes and work has the least amount of meetings of any day this week - that is a good thing!

As you can see in the photo, I have my goal written down and posted where I will see it every time I go to open my refrigerator. I have it posted in my office next to my phone as well.

I am seriously having some sugar withdrawal I guess, or something, because I had a killer headache all day. Tylenol can't stop a sugar detox headache, that's for sure. I woke up feeling so fatigued and wishing I could just stay in bed. I didn't feel like doing anything, but there's no giving in. I had to fight through it. A couple hours of punching and kicking took care of that little drama...

Food: 100% from the master list. 

Krav Maga 1
Today was heavy on skills, and not so much on tiring us out. My head was not really into it for the fist 15min or so. Once I got my head right, it was much better.

KO Bag Kickboxing
There's a 15min break between the KM class and this. I stood there waiting, drinking more water, and eating 1/2 OS Trim & a few almonds wishing I was over the first few day blah I knew was coming. Once class started, I was sucking bad for the first 10min. Not really feeling it, didn't want to be there, etc. This bullshit went away once we started hitting the bag. By the time we started punch/kick combos I was fine.

Mobility: Besides the nice stretching in both classes today, I stretched a bit more after I got home and rolled out while watching Hells Kitchen :)

 2011-Aug-7: Fitness Rehab Day 2
Old clothes: ready to go to Goodwill!
Today, I had to run a charter on the lake. I would normally wake up around 645am, load up my gear, and hit Rudy's for two breakfast tacos and coffee on the way. Breakfast tacos are not on my food list, so I woke up 10min early and made breakfast. It ended up being far better and better for me at the same time!  For a snack, I took my shaker with meal replacement shake powder, rather than a power bar and trail mix.  I usually take a huge bottle of vitamin water, that was replaced with water.

I had just done a closet clean a few weeks back, but I still found a bunch of stuff I hadn't worn in a long time, or would probably never wear again.

Food: 100% from the master list.

Workout / Work?
Went on two dives today, one lasting 40min and one lasting 80min. Swam during surface intervals. Went on a nice 40min jog/walk with the dog later in the evening. Not supposed to do vigorous exercise after deep diving, so kept it pretty light, but still got in a good bit of work through the day.

Mobility: foam roller & stretching, lacrosse ball attack on the back (for shoulders).

2011-Aug-6: Fitness Rehab Day 1 

Cleaned out my drawers of tons of old clothes, cleaned the garage and repaired & put up a shelf that had fallen down (along with everything on it). After that, repaired a few sections of fence, pruned a tree back so it wouldn't touch the roof, and took the dog for a walk.

Food: 100% from the master list.

Krav Maga Level 1
Today I had a Level 3 guy as my training partner. It was freakin' awesome to be able to truly hit & kick someone (holding shields, mind you) as hard and aggressive as I could. He had really good feedback too, which was very helpful!

TP - all six points

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