Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The clock doesn't lie

One thing about Crossfit is that your time is your time. There's no grey area. It is what it is. I love when I can beat my time by even a few seconds, but over a minute and a half? Hell yeah!

When I saw today's workout "Griff," I was immediately thinking something like "Ugh. I f-king hated that WOD last time!" To be honest, I didn't really have much better mojo about it when we started our warmup, which included a heck of a twist. It wasn't until the 2nd 800 that I started to feel it. My 2nd 800 and 400 were faster than the fist two, ending with a PR for the time.

Last time we did that WOD, I was wearing Brooks running shoes, and during the backwards 400 runs I was in serious pain, the arches of my feet revolting with every stride. Today I wore my Nike Frees and I felt fine. I did concentrate on landing flat-footed, rather than on my toes, so that could be part of it. Either way, it was much easier without that pain.

Crossfit Central WOD
Usual fast feet, high knees, squat, pushups & such, but then the warmup included this:
"Warmup" AMRAP - 5min
5 burpees
10 goblet squats, 24kg
15 russian swing, 24kg
3 rounds Rx in "conserve energy" mode :)

800m Run
400m Run Backwards
800m Run
400m Run Backwards
16:32 (PR)

Post WOD fun
25 medball situp toss to partner, 12lb ball
1 min plank
25 medball situp toss to partner, 12lb ball
1 min plank

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