Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buck Furpees

It was good to get back to Crossfit Central after their break for the Crossfit Games. I stayed pretty active during the break with Krav and such, but nothing as rough as taking on the daily WOD in the brutal heat.

Today's WOD with the plate burpees ... eh ... I hated it, but it went pretty well. We do a lot of sprawls in Krav, so maybe I'm getting better at up & down since a sprawl is the shitty part of the burpee. So, then you add in a freakin 45lb plate and it makes the burpee a whole different animal! Buck those plate Furpees heh

Crossfit Central WOD
Strength - Back Squat 5x3

“Lisa M”
21 – 15 – 9
Plate Burpee to OH, 45lb
8:41 Rx

Krav Maga L1
Straight punches and front kicks, which are getting a lot better, then worked inside defenses.After a good bit of that, we did 360 defense slow then all out with pads. It's still a bit freaky having people throw hay-makers at my head, but I am much better at defending & countering.

KO Bag - Kickboxing
Wednesday pain...all the normal warmup, but with 5lb db in each hand. This is massively harder than with nothing. Tons of squats, squat jumps, and squat to jumping round-kick. A side note: It's a little sad to see how pathetic some of the squats in this class are. No depth, chest down, etc. I am thankful for the great coaching I have from Zachary Thiel and Ben Flores at Crossfit Central - legit is the only way that counts.

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