Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minus Six...Fintess Rehab Day 5

Today, I decided to weigh in. I don't want to get into a habit of weighing myself every day, but I felt ... lighter? Hm. Well, it's -6 from just the other day! Holy shit...which is what I think a lot of it is. The changes in my diet plus a cleanse... wow! Enough of that, um, shit :))

Yesterday's workout has me feeling a bit sore, but I was pumped about how I was able to get through it a couple min faster than the previous time. I was thinking last night about ways to change up what I am doing, add a bit more, and making it something I actually enjoy...freakin' DUH: why don't I use the pool!??! No impact, great workout, and I really enjoy it...I gotta start swimming again. Pool access is 6am-10pm, so no reason I can't find time...good idea huh?


Food: (so far so good, update later today/this evening)

Krav Maga Class
Really good skills work, and focus on form, hip rotation. My kicks are getting so much better, and strong! I love kicking and knocking someone back 4-6 feet.

Yoga (Hatha (sp?) stretching) / Mobility
Did a 45min Yoga / stretching DVD after I got home from Krav & 2.5hrs working in the yard.

I shoulda bought a condo....

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